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If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have noticed photos of me on a private jet. The guy sitting next to us owned his own business and paid for the JetSmarter membership. The JetSmarter app is allowing people to enjoy spontaneous gateways around the globe. These planes can be used as much as 1,500 hours per year, and there are about 18,000 jets globally.

Yes and no, according to Seidel: "I think private travel will continue to grow and incrementally become more affordable, but it will still be the province of the reasonable well to do." In other words, you may be able to finally tick "flying private" off your bucket list but just don't expect it to become your primary means of travel.

Large corps that like to fly their plebs in economy seats probably aren't going to spring for the extra ticket price (besides getting into the booking system might be challenging). Private jets allow businesses to save money and keep their schedules flexible.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - JetSmarter, the world's largest mobile marketplace for private jets has just launched the "Create Your Own JetShuttle" service for members in the GCC region. That brings down the cost from $17,000 per person (traditional membership) to $3237.50 as long as the customer doesn't live in one of their core markets.

Private pilots can add flights they have planned on the website, then potential passengers can easily book via their system. NetJets and rival Flexjet sell shares in aircraft to wealthy individuals and corporate clients in exchange for flight time. Over the last year, the company has strategically grown throughout North America, the Middle East, and Europe, and provides 52% more flight options for its users through its main amenities: JetDeals, JetShuttle, and its JetCharter service.

These companies include JetSmarter , Draftkings , Gusto , Dropbox , SoFi , Planet Labs , AirHelp, LovePop, Muzik, OnSwipe, Triggerfox, Kite, Pistol Lake, Blispay, Homemade, Notarize, Reaction Housing, NS1, ValiMail, Stream, NextCaller, Adored, Slash Keyboard, SURKUS, Tablelist, Boomset, OpenDoor, Marble Robotics, and Uplevel Security.

Gilbert Ott and Laura Burns downloaded and carefully monitored the JetSmarter app, which offers promo codes the same way that Uber does. To make the experience even sweeter, JetSmarter will offer complimentary helicopter transfers to and from Manhattan for a full door-to-door experience.

The leading private jet company that brings private flying to members' fingertips, is now offering its members the luxury to essentially create their own charter flight between cities where existing shuttle flights are available. If you have a few thousand dollars to spare, you may now get a membership to Jetsmarter, a company that hopes to be the Uber of sky.

Business travelers were the most affected by the travel ban that prohibits carrying electronics as laptops, iPads or tablets on board the flights. JetSmarter is an app offering empty seats and flights on private jets for less than the usual cost. Kim how to fly first class for free said: "If you don't know, I'm obsessed with the app Jetsmarter.

Before booking, make sure that the price you are quoted is the lowest anywhere on the internet (if it is not, contact the chain and inquire about their best price guarantee) and that you are using the best booking channel (chains will sometimes offer you bonus points if you book through their mobile apps for example).

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